Modern Architectural Design, Building Plans and Renovation Services at affordable rates

We provide cost effective Architectural, Renovation and Turnkey Solutions for residential, retail and commercial developments. This includes producing Conceptual Designs, Building and House Plans for new and existing builds, Home Designs, Interior Design, managing and obtaining Council Approvals, Renovation and Extension Services, and Remodeling Services for bathrooms, bedrooms and kitchens.

An Architect for every Job

We are confident that you will find 'An Architect for every Job' through our established network of architectural consultants, all of whom are registered professionals with the South African Council of the Architectural Profession (SACAP). We operate in Johannesburg, Pretoria and surrounding areas with plans to expand to the rest of South Africa in the near future.

Our services do not compromise on quality:


We pride ourselves in producing modern and inspired architecture that equates to design excellence for the 21st century! Our combination of architecture and construction knowledge allows us to produce unique project solutions with a key focus on energy efficiency, sustainability and all-inclusive design.

Architectural Services

Conceptual design (new builds and renovations)

Architectural drawings: Sketch, tender, construction, co-ordination, as-built

Building plans and house plans

Interior design and space planning

Council approvals

Site and building inspections

Site, project and contract management


We source multiple quotes for you through our platform and help you choose the best supplier while maintaining a single point of contact.

Archisess Renovations

Why just renovate your home when with a few tweaks a simple renovation can add value to your property! Archisess offers a wide range of services to meet all your renovation, remodelling, and maintenance needs. This includes general construction, building repairs, bathroom renovations, kitchen renovations, tiling, painting, flooring, waterproofing, ceilings, drywalling, plumbing, electrical services and solar systems.

As a value add to all clients we manage and sign off all jobs to ensure that the highest levels of quality are maintained. We design to reduce building costs without compromising on quality.

How it works:

Our Services are as easy as A, B, C

Our unique Assess, Bid, and Connect process allows registered architects to produce construction specifications of client's requests, suppliers provide independent quotes to complete the work, and we connect selected suppliers to clients.

Digitally connect to a growing network of Architects and Suppliers

Archisess Assess by Architect


Architects digitally assess client’s requests. On-site assessments are done when necessary and/or after the selected suppliers quote is approved by you.

Archisess Bid for contractors and engineers


Suppliers independently quote. We assist you in selecting the right supplier. You maintain a single point of contact with us. Your personal details are not shared, you will not be inundated with calls.

Archisess Connect Architect, Contractors and Suppliers


Archisess connects successful suppliers with clients. As a complimentary value add we will monitor and evaluate all work to ensure the highest standards are adhered to.

Architecture: Assess, Bid, Connect

The 6 stages that your job will go through:



Our custom built digital assessment process allows jobs to be streamlined.

The assessments are completed by registered professionals who have a thorough understanding of the National Building Regulations and Local Authority requirements.


Digital assessments are placed on our platform of vetted suppliers.

We have partnered with a wide variety of key business suppliers to ensure that we can take on any job. We cover all construction needs, from handymen to large scale contractors.


Our network of suppliers will have the opportunity to bid to complete your job.

You will not have to field multiple calls from different suppliers. We will handle the administration, present you with mulitple quotes and assist you in choosing the right supplier.


We internally rate all our suppliers based on efficiency and cost effectiveness.

We further encourage clients to provide feedback on similar categories for architecturial professionals to ensure we retain only the best people with high ratings.

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About Us

Founded by experienced individuals across the Architectural and Insurance industries.


We are committed to creating inspired buildings that are innovative, sustainable, and elegant in order to connect and inform design excellence.


Our mission is to contribute to our African continent and the greater global context in an environmentally responsible, meaningful, holistic and lasting way.


We have partnered with key individuals in both the construction and insurance industries to ensure that we retain the most talented and innovative workforce.

Archisess. Platform driven renovations and claims process.

Verushka Badul (Reddy)

Architect M.Arch (UCT) Pr Arch (SACAP)Managing Director

Adhir Badul

Actuary (FASSA) BBusSci, ComSci (UCT)Managing Director

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